XML or Extensible markup language is crucial in the field of Digital Printing. When you are looking to avail digital printing services, it is important to be familiar with the XML creation services.

XML is mainly used for storing and even transporting data and one of the key advantages is that this format is understandable by both humans and machines. This fact in itself has cemented the popularity of the language.

When you want to convert your books in the digital format for online publishing or even on top online portals, you are likely to find the need for XML conversion. We at PATEL specialize in this area.

What do we have to offer?

Our experts are well versed with the nuances of XML conversion. We make it a point to thoroughly understand the need of the client and then offer error free conversion. PATEL offers specialized services in XML for digital content, books, newspapers, magazines, manuals, journals, manuscripts and other necessary documents. Some of our specialized XML services include :

  • Full text conversion: The text can be in various formats, including text, word, PDF, excel, RTF and HTML.
  • Header-footer conversion
  • Daisy

PATEL is a front runner offering globally acceptable DAISY for digital books as well as contents for people who are unable to read print due to reason of visual, physical or learning disability. DAISY stands for Digital Accessible Information System. It is a technical process for the purpose of electronic publications that organize text, audio as well as image in a particular accessible as well as navigable digital books. We have many years of experience handling NIMAS conversion. PATEL professionals have already gained trust of worldwide clients with successful completion of NIMAS projects in accordance to National Instructional Materials Access Center compliance standards. The standard is used to produce different specialized formats like Braille, DAISY talking books, large Prints and textbooks for students and individuals who are visual or print disable.

Why Choose PATEL For XML Creation?

From organizations to publishers, author to libraries and educational institutes to individual depend on XML conversion to convert content to XML to share structured data to various information systems. PATEL has been playing a major role offering XML conversion services at competitive price for its clients. Our company is equipped with advanced tool as well as modern techniques to convert different files, such as HTML, PDF, Word, Binary, XHTML, CSV, Test and others into XML format.We make sure to use the besttools and technologyfor making accurate and error freeconversion. We have dealt with a lot of different XML projects and our experience and expertise make us a name to be reckoned with. Best quality at affordable price is our forte.