PATEL Information Technology Services was started in 2006. A content management ITeS service provider company with a decade of experience in the field of Electronic Publishing and Document digitization, the main focus has always been on offering the best services to the customers through global delivery model and building a brand which people can trust.

Due to our domain knowledge, business expertise and our strategic alliances with leading technology providers, we have successfully been able to provide services to publishers across the globe, driven by innovation, customer satisfaction and desire to excel. PATEL document digitization team provides content conversion, data capture, optical character recognition and XML/MathType/NIMAS/HTML/PDF conversion, creation of EBOOK, EPUB etc. Considered a secure company to partner with, PATEL offers fully integrated solutions for a wide range of content transformation services that combine best-of-breed technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure and domain expertise.

This experience and exposure of the current team gives us further credentials to handle and complete such kind of work within the given time frame-work.The skills of the senior members and the experience of the quality assurance team of PATEL is sound enough to make the deliveries as per the project requirements and make any modifications/alterations as and when any such need arises. Our team is a balanced mixture of young energetic professionals who are well versed in most varieties of data conversion activities including verifying and validating activities. This background gives us the confidence that the best solution has to come from the team that can be shuffled from one project to the other without much extensive training, to accept the challenges in today’s Industry.

Our specialties are e-Books, journal database creation, newspaper archiving, document digitization, scanning and graphic services. PATEL offers content transformation from any format to the customer's choice – print on demand, eReader, web, smartphones, tablet or PC. In today's dynamic world, where quality is one of the main criteria in combination with pricing, PATEL works well within the client's budget. The strategy and the “X” factor of our company is the customized service and the flexible pricing. Our customers are well satisfied with the pricing factor since we work within their budget.

We guarantee superior customer service and cost-effective custom solutions while maintaining global quality and standards throughout.