Optical character recognition mainly refers to the process of converting the different images of either textual or even hand written format to machine encoded text which can then be used for multiple purposes.

OCR is one of the most efficient technologies which helps you in covering a huge amount of text and image based files in a few moments to a format which can be easily understood by the machine. While scanners can also convert hand typed document or text into an image format, but that image cannot be used for editing the text.

In such cases, you would need apt OCR software as it will help you get the content in a machine understandable format and this can help in subsequent editing.

What do we have to offer?

At PATEL, we make it a point to hire some of the most specialized experts who are thorough with the mechanism of using the apt software for optical character recognition. We are aware of the three intricate principles behind OCR technology namely – integrity, purposefulness and adaptability.

When we are offered an assignment, we make use of the finest software to first analyze the structure of the document. Then, the page is divided into separate segments and sub segments. Once the different characters have been separated, the program then maps it and compares each of them with a definite set of images.

After a lot of careful computation, the program then finally offers you the complete text. Those who choose to avail our services have managed to get the finest digital output.

With the best set of services, we can give you some of the finest digital output and this will ensure that your digital eBooks will be at par with industry standards. We have both the experience and expertise to help you out.