Gone are the days when you had to wait for someone to deliver newspaper on your doorsteps so that you could get your daily dose of news! At PATEL, we specialize in newspaper archiving. No matter what kind of content you want to digitize, we have the skill set to make it happen.

So, be all set to enjoy this amazing service by us as we will bring to you some of the best digital algorithms which will flawlessly convert your newspaper styled formats into digital format which in turn can be accessed on multiple devices.

With newspaper archiving, we are aware of the kind of customization needs which the clients may have. This is why we are ready to offer custom based services as well. Here is a snapshot of what we can offer.

Customized digitization

If you have a specific layout and content in mind, make it a point to check out the different ways by which we can have your custom digitization of the newspapers done. You can specify the demands and tell us the details and we will deliver the content tailored as per your requests.

Bulk orders

We do understand that newspaper arching is one such service which is likely to be needed in bulk. This is the reason we are willing to take bulk orders and offer you the best rates and speedy delivery as well.

With a panel of experts and thoroughly trained professionals, you are sure to enjoy the flawless perfection of our trained services. So, explore the details of how we can offer you the best experience. We have worked with some of the top most libraries and even media and publication houses and know how the top content has to be tailored and the exciting ways to present it as well because presentation and content need to match each other.

Hire us today and avail the best newspaper archiving services.