Akshat K Pandey, Founder & CEO — is the driving force behind the company's phenomenal growth. His approach and capability of management has trickled down the work force and has resulted in an ever increasing client base since its conception. He heads the financial decisions and streamlines the strategic growth and development of the company.

Akshat founded 'Patel Information Technology Services', in the year 2006 with a view of delivering high value added solutions to its publishing partners through a Global Delivery Model. Under the deft leadership of Akshat, Patelinfo, with a decade of experience in the field of e-publishing, e-book, Data Conversion, Bibliographic database Creation, Newspaper Archiving, Document Digitization, Scanning and Graphic services, has made an indelible mark through its quality, service and pricing. Akshat always believed in the fact that ordinary people are capable of performing extraordinary things and in view of this he has built a team with a well-balanced mixture of young energetic professionals and an experienced senior management.

Akshat grew up in a business background in the city of Kolkata. He belongs to the family owning the PATEL Transport Group which has been providing round the clock Express Logistic Services to the country since 1983. He is also one of the director of the Patel Group. He heads the strategic and marketing decisions of the group companies.

Ankit Kumar, Chief Operations Officer — responsible for supervising company's day-to-day business, including planning and management of all projects, as well as monitoring company's financial performance, customer relations and as well as the personnel management. Ankit's area of expertise lies in analyzing the existing operations of the company and developing the strategies, processes, and technologies to improve organizational performance.

Ankit joined's in 2015, bringing with him more than 5 years of experience in development and Planning that allows him to define and implement solutions to meet the challenges of business demands of the customers. Ankit seeks to ensure that the company uses the best talent and tools in the marketplace and to implement methodologies that will consistently provide clients with superior quality. Prior to joining Patel Information Technology, Ankit was associated with EKA Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore as a senior software engineer

Shankar Srinivasan, International Sales and Marketing Director – UK — responsible for Sales and International Business Development. Shankar is based out of the UK. His area of expertise lies in Initiating & coordinating development of action plans to penetrate international markets and Develop business plan and strategy to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

Shankar joined in 2016 with over 20 years' experience in global markets – India, Singapore, UK/Europe and North America. His work experience spans a number of industries - IT Services, Online Advertising and Publishing. His specialization is in start-ups – taking on new initiatives and making a success of them. Other areas of expertise are new business acquisitions, key account management, partner management and business operations. Prior to joining Patel Information Technology, Shankar was associated with Tech Vision, UK as Sales Director