As a part of our initiative to ensure apt services, PATEL also offers some of the finest Data Keying Services too.

Data keying refers to the process of typing the data content in a word file based upon the physical document/handbooks. Ideally, in most cases it is seen that keying is carried out by operators and once the keying process is done, we make it a point to compare the final output with the source data for accurate content.

Our specialty

When you choose the best data keying services at PATEL, you can experience some of the best advantages which include

  • Confidentiality : We have a zero tolerance policy for sharing the content as we understand that it can be confidential for your firm.
  • Transparency : Further, to avoid any kind of skepticism and doubt, we also make it a point to be completely transparent in our approach as it builds confidence.
  • Custom services : While our service is quite diverse and varied and encompasses most points, we offer custom services tailored as per customers' needs.
  • Security : At PATEL, we specialize in data security and take every aspect very seriously. We have plenty of software for stringent check of security aspects.
So, if you have a manuscript with you and you want to convert it into digitized format, come and avail our expert data keying facilities. We also offer single and double key and compare process.

In the double compare process, two operators key the same data simultaneously. The content for both the operators is then compared to check which one is more accurate. This is further followed through by our default check process as well to offer the right content.

If data keying is one of your service needs, you should definitely consider visiting us. We offer reliable keying services at affordable price.