When it comes to publishing an eBook, there are plenty of steps that are a part of the process. Before the book can be published and can be made available in the market, pre-press and typesetting are a must.

Let us give you some more details on why you need to opt for digital pre-pressing and typesetting facilities.

What is digital pre-press?

Digital pre-press is a broad term that covers plenty of different aspects. These include checking out the text and the graphics of the book and even paying minute details to formatting, colour and scanning.

The whole book needs to follow a specific font type and even the colour schemes have to be apt. Further, the pictures should be neatly arranged and it is digital pre-press which covers all these aspects in a streamlined manner.

The need for Typesetting

Typesetting can get overly complex depending upon the type of book you have. The different figures, numbers, text and pictures need to be very neatly arranged such that when the book is represented in a digital format it should flow in an articulate manner. Depending upon the kind of content present in the book, there can be various minute details which have to be observed.

What does PATEL offer ?

At PATEL, we specialize in digital pre-pressing and typesetting services. We have some of the finest experts on board who have tremendous experience working on different forms of books. Some of the services which we offer are as follows.

  • Page production
  • Copy editing
  • Text conversion
  • Scanning
  • Optical character reading
  • Media conversion
  • Creating illustrations
  • Keyboarding services
  • Redrawing the images
  • Electronic file production
As far as typesetting is concerned, we use different software for efficient execution of the services. Here are some of the key software which we use.
  • Framekmaker
  • 3B2
  • Latex/tex
  • QuarkXPress
  • Adobe Photoshop
So, get in touch with us and have a great book ready to be published.