When it comes to data, database management is one of the topmost tiers you need to focus upon. No company can function efficiently unless they have a systematic and controlled database management in place.

Developing database

At PATEL, you will never have to worry twice about handling your huge database. We have the experience and expertise to develop and maintain some of the most complex of database programs and platforms.

We offer varied database handling services which include but is not limited to

  • Simple data tracking
  • Merging of multiple resources
  • Dynamically updating multiple queries
  • Multi-tier applications using the client-server architecture
  • Web based applications using multiple platforms
  • Complete database for storing and retrieving data
We have expertise in handling of different software including MYSQL, MYSQL Server and MYSQL Access as well.

Database migration

We are skilled in data migration and conversion services. When it comes to implementing software, there is lot of shuffling and data transportation which has to be carried out. These makes it necessary to first copy the existing data and even take a backup to prevent accidental data loss.

Once the copying is done, we can migrate the entire data in an apt manner and we make sure that every data has been efficiently moved to a fresh location.

Even if your data is contained in multiple systems, it is easy to migrate them because of the skilful mechanism and effective software which we use.

So, at PATEL, you are never going to face any issues when it comes to database handling, management and migration. Regardless of how big or small or organized or scattered your data is, we are the one stop solution willing to help you out.

Get in touch with us to get an estimate of the approximate cost of services.