Data capture services mainly refer to the art of capturing data from different formats and then digitizing them by covering it into the required form. In today's times, the volume of data is increasing every day.

Data can be procured from psychical sources like books, newspapers, receipts, photographs and even other files and documents. The useful data present in this format may need to be converted into digital format which in turn can be used for various constructive purposes.
This is precisely what we specialize in at PATEL. We have a panel of experts who have been trained to accurately and quickly capture data from different formats and turn it into digital format. Electronic data capture is one form of data capturing services wherein we acquire data from different physical sources and then change them in an electronic format.

Steps we follow

While we do have typing experts who can quickly convert the data in physical format to electric format by typing it, but when we are dealing with huge amount of data, a more streamlined and accurate format needs to be used. Here are the key steps which we follow.

  • Data Collection : All the data is collected at one source so that we can assess the amount of data that has to be captured.
  • Scanning : The data is then fed to optical high speed scanners to obtain a digital image form of the data.
  • OCR/ ICR : The data is processed using the optical character recognition or the intelligent character recognition and it can then be stored in the database.
Based upon your requirement, we are willing to follow any of these or even your mentioned procedures. The end product will be the required data in the desirable format which will be free from errors and shall serve your need.