Why PATEL…..

PATEL is a brand in Scanning, content and document digitization,but the fact that renowned international companies in various countries like : Netherlands, Germany, France, USA for digitizing Academic Books, Newspaper & Journals in multilingual language, UK for data capture & image processing, Australia for data conversion and image processing, Philippines & India for data capture, content/XML conversion & image processing, MathML, XML conversion & creation of audio books as per NIMAS standards for DTB (Digital Talking Books), have entrusted us with their projects in such a short history of this company. This proves our merit as reliable data capture & document digitization partner. We have also worked with Fortune 500 companies and Government of India Enterprises.

Our Credentials for last few years

  • Over 70,000+ EBOOKs and EPUB publications processed with major publisher in Europe.
  • 3+ million pages for journals and periodicals processed with major STM publisher in Europe.
  • Scanned & processed more than 5 million pages for publishers in UK & Australia. .
  • 1 Million newspaper pages digitized for a major news paper publisher in USA.
  • 7 Million document pages indexed for publishers in UK & Australia.
  • Added support for several languages, Including (but not limited to) German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Hawaiian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Arabian, Italian & English.

Here is a snapshot of our achievements and accolades.

  • We offer some of the best electronic publishing services
  • We pride ourselves on some of the best and the affordable solutions
  • We believe in driving our business on the lines of innovation and the urge to excel
  • We aim to offer value added solutions to our key publishing partners
  • We offer different kind of content transformation and make sure to stick to seamless and secure transmission
  • We pride ourselves upon efficient and custom solutions


There are plenty of advantages of working with us. Here are a few convincing reasons as to why you need to choose PATEL.

  • Confidentiality of files
  • Timeliness
  • Appropriate pricing
  • Emphasis on quality
  • Up-to-date services
We are very competitive provider in Kolkata, a geography that has a cost of living in India significantly lower than Chennai, Mumbai, and New Delhi where the majority of providers reside. Patel has a very low employee turnover rate which in other Indian cities can often be as high as 50% a year negatively effecting quality and turnaround time. Patel is very financially secure and is owned by a $50M US parent company specializing in logistics and transportation and has been in business for over 33 years. We believe in longer tenure and not one time business with short a vision. Our belief in our strategy has made us the preferred partner for most of our client’s outsourcing services. Avail our state of the art services and you are sure to enjoy the difference which it will create.